DIY Door Latch Cover

In preparation for baby #2, I have developed a list of things I need to get and do before his arrival. One of my main concerns was getting Jman into a big boy bed so Baby can use the crib. A friend who is expecting her second shared a good point of doing it sooner rather than later so that Big Brother doesn’t feel like Little Brother is stealing his bed.

To my husband, he didn’t think it a huge deal and expected to just change the bed and that’s it.


My “focus on the gray” mind thought through all of the little details. One of my worries was that Jman would wake up and not be able to get out of his room. He hasn’t figured out how to open doors yet (praise Jesus), so I found a tutorial for those latch covers that are fairly popular right now in the Etsy world.

These little patches cover the door latch so that little it no noise is made when you open the door.

Genius, I tell you.

It was super easy, and a great project for sewing beginners!


  • 2 3″x4″ cotton fabric pieces
  • 1 2″x3″ cotton fabric piece
  • 2 hair ties
  • Ice cream (optional, but extremely important when curbing pregnancy cravings)


1. Place 1 of the larger pieces of material face side up. Lay hair ties along center line, leaving small tails sticking out

2. Lay matching piece of material face down, matching  to other piece

3. Sew pieces together with 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving 2″ gap along one of longer sides so you can turn inside out. It might help to stitch back and forth a few times over the ties to ensure they are in there tight!

4. Trim the corners and turn out so the right sides are showing

5. Stuff smaller piece of material into pouch for some “stuffing”

6. Tuck in open seam, top stitch around entire patch at 1/8″ allowance to finish.

Voila! Easy as that, and a serious lifesaver! Or should I say “sleepsaver”. I’m kicking myself for not making these sooner because they work very well!

DIY Door Latch Cover to help keep you baby or toddler asleep, even through shutting the door! Great sewing project for beginners!

Cheers to sleeping babies!

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