Mom Talk: I Just Want to Take a Nap 

I’m 37 weeks pregnant. I feel pretty good, but I’m tired. 

And I really, really would love to take a nap. 

But, there is a certain 22 month old who won’t let that happen. 

He is playing, nicely, by himself. But I can’t fall asleep. There is dog food in the next room to eat, stairs to climb, cords to play with, and many other things he could turn his attention to if he chooses. So I have to keep my eyes open, and stay tired.

But this time will pass. It will pass quickly. There will come a time when Mommy can take a nap whenever she wants to. If I think about it, though, I’m not sure I want that time to come. Because that means he will be all grown up. I don’t want to miss out on this time. In fact, I already feel like I’ve already missed out on too much. And he is growing up too fast for my liking. 

So for now, even though I’m exhausted, I’ll keep my eyes open. So I don’t miss it. Oh, and so he doesn’t reek havoc on my basement or himself 😉

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