Hospital Bag Round 2! What to Take and What to Leave at Home

Y’all, it’s here. I’m 32 weeks, so it is now the “optimal time” to pack the ever-dreaded Hospital Bag!

The pressure is intense! (Both literally and figuratively…this baby feels like he is going to fall out!)

Seriously, I never understood why so much stress is involved with packing a bag?

There are countless articles on the web stating what you should (and should not) bring. But I feel it really should be intuitive.

With Jman, my husband and I did use an internet list to pack. Being our first, I was paranoid about doing everything right. The list was a page and a half long, and by-golly we had it all! We packed our bags…all five of them!

We didn’t touch half of the stuff we brought. And my husband did look quite ridiculous carrying so much from L&D to postpartum (sorry babe).

So this time, we just used a list for reference. Pregnancy Brain is a thing, and men aren’t always great packers (again, sorry babe), so the reference was necessary.  BUT I’ve added and skipped a few items keeping the last visit in mind.


Chapstick – I remember my lips getting super dry from breathing during labor. I even chose a natural spearmint lip balm to help with nausea since I also had issues with that!

Hospital Labor Gown – I’m so excited for this one! I bought this gown for my labor and delivery. Last time, I didn’t care about the hospital gown provided, but it is true that they aren’t very comfortable and seem cold. I chose the gown that I did because of the many access points for wires and snap down shoulders for kangaroo care/breastfeeding after the birth. Plus, its super cute!

Blue tooth speaker – I honestly can’t remember if we took one last time. I think we played music through my husband’s phone. But this time, I have my Pandora dance playlist ready to pump!

Boba Wrap – Being a first time mom, I had no idea of the magical power of wrapping a baby. Jman LOVED being wrapped and it made life so much easier for me. So this time, I’m taking the wrap for the night of cluster feeding that ensues after a baby is born. This way, if Momma falls asleep while holding the baby, baby will be safe. Plus, the added skin to skin time will be beneficial!

Disposable undies – No shame in this game! I remember recovery with my first being incredibly uncomfortable Down There. I mean, I get it. You body isn’t going to be totally pain-free right after pushing out a watermelon, but you don’t need to add hurt to injury! I hated those bulky pads and having to change them after each visit to the loo. I’m hoping this will be easier.



Books – Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Multiple outfits for everyone – Baby doesn’t need anything other than a going home outfit, especially if you’re breastfeeding since they’re usually so sleepy you have to get them nekked for each feed. I did bring an outfit for pictures. Daddy probably had the most outfits. But I only had my outfit to go home in and a few nursing gowns. Let’s be honest, Mama isn’t wearing anything fancy after childbirth!

Blankets for Baby – the hospital has them!

Breast pump – Baby is the best pump in those first few days, and actually for all time. If for some reason you aren’t able to be with your baby after birth, the hospital has pumps! And they’re the good one’s too 😉


I will plan an update post after baby is born to let you know how things went! Baby isn’t due for another three weeks, so things could change between now and then!

Until next time! <3

Hospital Bag, Take 2! What to take and what to leave at home. What I'm taking to the hospital for the second baby, using what I learned after having the first!

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